Module 04: Performance Analysis and Training Needs Assessment

Scenario: You've been hired by a large hotel chain to travel to their recently built hotel in Central Valley, California. The vice president in charge of personnel tells you that she's received word that house keepers at this facility have been doing a poor job.

The first thing you decide to do is identify various stake holders who may have information on this performance problem. Name at least five different stake holders who may be included in a performance analysis, and list a question you may want to ask each person.


Question to ask

1.Vice President of Personnel

Q: Can you more specifically define the complaint about the "poor job"? Whose performance is at issue? Is it a specific person or several people? What would happen if we did nothing about it?

2.Head Housekeeper

Q: What are your expectations or criteria for acceptable performance for your staff? What do you observe is their actual performance?

3. Front Desk

Q: What comments or complaints do you receive from guests about housekeeping or room cleanliness? Have you received complaints or praise about any specific items of room condition?


Q: What is expected of you to do a good job? Is there anything that prevents you from doing the best job you can? (tools that don't work? not enough supplies, missing utensils or other items you need?)

5. Maintenance

Q: Are you seeing any conditions you must respond to or repairs that you must make that may be caused by housekeeping?

List at least three kinds of extant data you may find that could provide information into this performance problem.

Extant data

What you hope to find

1. Personnell records

Info: Performance reviews of housekeeping staff, records of absenteeism or of previous or continuing problems.

2.Customer service/customer relations feedback forms, surveys, etc.

Info: What is the feedback on room conditions and housekeeping services? Are there specific deficiencies noted? If so what are the trends—are they getting better or not?

3. Corporate records: Room occupancy and personnel staffing

Info: What is the occupancy rate and the ratio of rooms that need to be serviced vs. staffing level of housekeeping staff?

4. Housekeeping documentation of policies and procedures

Info: Review of the printed or stated procedures for housekeeping as well as any job aids or checklists used.


Describe a set of three, hypothetically optimal and actual attributes for this performance problem.

Optimal performances

Actual Performances

1.Rooms meet all criteria for cleanliness during spot checks and audits

1. Only 80% of the rooms pass the spot check/audit.

2. All customer rooms needing cleaning are cleaned prior to 12:00 noon

2. Only 75% of customer rooms needing cleaning are cleaned by noon, most are cleaned by 3:00pm but some are not cleaned at all.

3. Bathtubs and bathrooms are cleaned, serviced and spotless for guests every day.

3. Bathtubs often need additional cleaning and requests are sent to the front desk.

For each of the preceeding three sets of performances, list what you believe to be the dominant barrier, and recommend a solution to help overcome each barrier.


Recommended Solution

1. Procedural Barrier: Housekeepers do not understand expectations of the job.

S: Housekeeping managers clearly define what is required for optimal performance and provide job aids (checklists, etc.) in both English and the preferred reading language of the housekeeping staff.

2. Organizational Support: There are not enough housekeepers hired to sufficiently staff the new hotel

S: Hire additional housekeepers

3. Motivation: Cleaning bathtubs and bathrooms is a hard job and easy to skip so the housekeeping staff avoids it when they can.

S: Implement a recognition/reward and disciplinary system to recognize those have the cleanest bathrooms and documents those that don't.


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