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Finding photos of me is
always difficult since
I'm the family photographer,
and usually on the other end
of the lens. Here's one of me on China's Great Wall

You can contact me at

This is the home page for the website I used for my Master's program. The rest of the site remains live to maintain reference links as requested by the EDTEC Department at San Diego State University.

My professional portfolio site is now located at:
You should be automatically transferred there shortly, or you can click on the link above.

My name is Susan Connell and I took my first two EDTEC courses in the Spring 2003 semester (after an extended departure from the path to higher education). During the Fall 2005 semester, I'll be finishing up my last six units and am still finding the entire subject fascinating.

I have worked in Marketing and Technical Communications for a number of years. With the Educational Technology program, I am seeking new venues and methods to make use of the skills I have developed over the years. I have a BA in Communications and a Community College Instructor Certification from UCSD as well as a Certificate in Technical Communications from MIT.


My final project for EDTEC541, later enhanced in EDTEC670, was a WebQuest about the dam that is being built to control the Yangtse River in China. It is the world's largest dam and has had an enormous impact on a large area of central China. I chose this subject because my husband and I visited there recently and I have a lot of photos and video as well as reference material on the subject. In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about the subject, click here.

"Why were we in China?" you might ask...

We just enjoy traveling and observing different cultures around the world. We especially enjoy getting a bit off the beaten path. We interpret this to mean "places that don't have Starbuck's or McDonald's" more than getting back to nature.

Not that we don't enjoy nature. One of our favorite trips was a journey to Tanzania where we got to observe an amazing number of animals in their natural environment. Test Link

A Photo Gallery of Some of Our Travels

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