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Multimedia Tutorial #1: Final Cut Express

Susan Connell
Fall 2003


Kobler, H. (2003). Final Cut Express for dummies. New York: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Rubin, M. (2004). Making movies with Final Cut Express: A self-paced guide to editing digital video. Berkeley: Peachpit Press.

Rubin, M. (2003). Beginner's Final Cut Pro: Learn to edit digital video. Berkeley: Peachpit Press.

Here is the result of completing the tutorials in Rubin's Final Cut Express book. The "finished" product includes some effects and transitions that were included as part of the learning experience even though they would probably not be used in a real production of this nature. I didn't keep close track of time, but this took a bit more than eight hours (hard to believe it takes all that for 1 minute of video. I just couldn't stop...




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