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Multimedia Tutorial #2: Flash

Susan Connell
Fall 2003


Dean, D., Cowitt, A., Finkelstein, E., Sahlin, D. & McCue, C. (2003). Macromedia Studio MX for dummies. New York: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Kernan, P. (2002). SAMS Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash MX in 24 Hours. Indianapolis: SAMS.

Vandome, N . (2003). Flash MX in easy steps. New York: Barnes & Noble Books.

After completing many hours of Flash tutorials, I have gained additional respect for those of you who did your video projects in Flash. This is one tough program. For this tutorial, I spent at least as much time as I did on the video editing tutorial and have a lot less to show for it. I mostly used Kernan's "Teach Yourself" book, but had absolutely nothing to show after 7 hours of tutorials. Because he left out steps in his explanations, I purchased the additional references listed above and used them to help me create something that I could post for this assignment.


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