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Webcast Press Release
Jerry Marino & Susan Connell
Fall 2004

Subject: ADEC to Host Webcast Highlighting Distance Education Policy, Opportunities, and Issues for Calif.

Dear {{Media Contact}},

Because education is such an important issue in the current cultural and political climate, we thought that your audience might be interested in observing the Distance Education Webcast that we advised you about last week. While legislative staff and members of the media, such as yourself, are invited to interactively participate in the webcast, ADEC would also like to let the general public know that they are welcome to observe the November 18 event. The press announcement below provides all of the details and contact information.

We hope you'll be able to join us Thursday at 11a.m. at:

Susan Connell
Jennings & Associates Communications

For Immediate Release


SAN DIEGO – November 16, 2004 -- As California works to update its 40-year-old Master Plan for Higher Education, the Alliance for Distance Education in California (ADEC) will host “Education in the 21st Century: The California Vision,” a webcast scheduled on Nov. 18 from 11:00 AM to 1 PM,  designed to provide information, direction and policy support to California’s legislators.

“Higher education is in a state of transition that is fueled by growing student demand, increasing costs, diminishing financial support from state government and the looming retirement of a massive number of faculty. Distance education can play an important role as this transition takes place. This event is designed as a forum for discussion and exchange of information about distance learning options for California’s public colleges and universities,” explained Dr. Fred Saba, president of ADEC and a professor at San Diego State University.

The web conference will provide direct input and perspective on issues including:

  • Access to higher education
  • Distance learning and lowering barriers to higher education
  • Distance education in state supported universities and community colleges vs. private institutions
  • Cooperation between institutions on important issues like credit transfers, degree programs and tuition
  • Realizing cost benefits from technology while optimizing the learning experience with distance education

Dr. Ann Morey, Director for the Center of Educational Policy at San Diego State University and Bruce Hamlett, Chief Consultant, Assembly Higher Education Committee California Legislature will present their views of California’s higher education needs, resources and direction. Legislative staff and journalists are encouraged to ask questions of the panel and provide input via Internet text messaging while the general public is invited to observe.

Anyone with a broadband Internet connection can access the free webcast at http://dhtv1.csudh.edu/ava_adec03/ava_player.php on Nov. 18 at 11:00 AM.  Those interested in attending are advised to log in to the site to verify ahead of time that they have appropriately configured browsers and Internet connections to observe the Webcast.

About ADEC

Founded in 1989, the Alliance for Distance Education in California is an association of over 200 professionals dedicated to the development of distance learning.  ADEC is the only California-based organization that emphasizes cooperation between all segments of education — kindergarten through university, lifelong learning, and business training — and represents a continuation of ADEC's goal to promote partnerships and collaborations among all levels of education and training.

For more information, contact:        
Van Bridgeman
Assistant Director, Distance Learning / Senior Producer – DHTV
The Center for Mediated Instruction and Distance Learning
California State University, Dominguez Hills
TEL: 310.243.2675    FAX: 310.516.4127



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