An Overview of
Macromedia Breeze

Jerry Marino
Susan Connell

Prepared for
Dr. Farhad Saba
San Diego State University

December 2004

It’s a Breeze -- Anytime and Anywhere Learning with Macromedia Breeze

Web conferencing software is a growing component of distance learning programs and Macromedia Breeze is gaining popularity as an easy to use, powerful and flexible web conferring program.

Many groups, including educational institutions, businesses, and military audiences, employ this type of tool as part of their distance learning infrastructure. It's an inexpensive video conferencing and remote interaction tool that can be used over networks and transmitted via internet protocol (IP). Breeze utilizes inexpensive equipment like a web cam, headphone and a microphone to transmit real time conferencing and collaborative learning. It reaches anyone with an Internet connection and is easily compatible with users regardless of computer platform in use.

Many training programs can use Breeze or a similar conferencing program because the expense can be spread across the enterprise. These programs are also used by other departments like sales, HR, and investor relations. Overall uses include general information broadcast and distribution, learning and training, project brainstorming and collaborative work groups.

A demonstration of Breeze was broadcast live on December 7, 2004 with the goal of highlighting:

  • Guidelines on how to effectively use this technology and integrate it into distance learning programs
  • Use of the conferencing and learning components
  • When and where it can be effective
  • Potential pitfalls or implementation difficulties
  • Best practices for online conference use in an education setting
  • Benefits, costs and comparisons with competing technologies

The complete project was initiated at the beginning of the Fall 2004 semester and included: