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Individual Instruction
Optimizing Resolution in Graphic Files

Susan Connell
Spring 2005

Given a series of graphic files, the learner will be able to select resolution, dimensions and file size to be optimized for a variety of specified uses.

Flash Tutorial Prototype Evaluation & User Testing
Five individuals with different levels of computer skills went through the tutorial at various stages of development. All had taken or used digital images either in their work or personal endeavors.

Most of the testers took about 10-15 minutes to complete the tutorial and indicated that they thought it would be useful to people new to digital imaging. Early testers commented that they thought the illustrations helped them to envision some of the concepts that weren't completely clear with a text-only earlier draft.

In addition to catching some navigational inconsistencies, typos and a few mathematical errors (what's an order of magnitude between friends...?) in the instruction, most felt that it was too text heavy. In discussions, most thought that a narration with bullet points of the highlights would be more inviting. A couple indicated that, while audio might provide a better experience, it might not be practical in their work environment where everyone is in cubicles so they could not listen during working hours. Alternatively, several suggested breaking up some of the longer pages into several pages. Due to time limitations, it was not possible to try out these ideas.

Other suggestions included having:

  • interactive graphics where the learner could click on buttons of different resolutions to see the effect on images
  • better simulations of Photoshop menus where the numbers could be more fully interactiv
  • more illustrations in general, especially on the practice pages
  • navigation at the end of the quiz to close the window or otherwise indicate closure

One other thing that I would do differently if I had more time would be to create the bitmapped images larger, so that their quality would be better when the Flash document is viewed on a larger screen.






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