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Individual Instruction
Optimizing Resolution in Graphic Files

Goals, Task Analysis & Learning Outcomes

Susan Connell
Spring 2005

Given a series of graphic files, the learner will be able to select resolution, dimensions and file size to be optimized for a variety of specified uses.

Resolution-Related Tasks, Classifications and Learning Outcomes:

  • Define resolution as it relates to digital images (remember concept)
    • Pixels
    • High resolution
    • Low resolution
    • Image dimensions
    • Cropping
  • Explain rules for changing resolution (remember principle)
    • Maintaining aspect ratio / proportion
    • Optimizing image quality / resamping
  • Change resolution of graphic images (apply procedure)
    • Reduce pixel dimensions to predefined size
    • Change document dimensions to specified size
  • Simulate creation of optimized graphics by selecting size (output dimensions) and resolution for a defined end use (apply process)
    • Reformat a high-resolution image to send in an e-mail
    • Resize a low-resolution image to fit in a specified space on a web page
    • Format a high-resolution image to be output as a 4x6 print at Costco




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