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Webcast PR Plan
Jerry Marino & Susan Connell
Fall 2004

  1. We have developed a list of educational and government reporters who work for magazines, newspapers, online publications, television stations and radio stations throughout the state. There are approximately 370. Their total combined audience is 120 million.
  2. Sometime in the week prior to the event, send out the media advisory. We might suggest Wednesday or maybe Tuesday - not too far so that they will forget, but soon enough so that they can schedule. When final we can send messages via email through Susan's company's system.
  3. Either later that week or on Nov 15 or 16, send out a broadly focused general press release summarizing topics to be covered and what types of people will be attending. (This step is optional, but can serve as a reminder for the reporters and perhaps generate a little overview coverage on the subject on it's own. For the weekly or daily publications that focus on government, this can also serve as notice to government types as an invitation.) We will need more information about the conference to do this but should be able to get it by then since much of the content will be finalized.
  4. Depending on the timing of the video conference, have a release partly drafted that can be completed after the event talking about what happened for reporters and others who couldn't attend. Then either after the event Thursday afternoon (preferably) or first thing Friday morning, send out a completed release with some quotes and highlights to the list. Also, we might want to have a photo available as it tends to increase coverage is some types of publications. [ADEC opted not to pursue.]


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